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Abortion is a big decision, and although some women feel relief after the procedure, others struggle emotionally and develop long-term mental health issues. 

If you’ve had an abortion and are having difficulty coping, know there is hope. Many resources, including your local pregnancy clinic, have post-abortion recovery services to help you during this journey. 

What Might I Experience?

It’s hard to predict how you may feel after an abortion, as each woman’s experience is unique. We know, however, that women can struggle emotionally, especially if they were pressured to abort or face preexisting mental health conditions. The National Institutes of Health reported that abortion is associated with elevated rates of mental illness compared to those who have not experienced abortion. 

If women do suffer, they tend to experience depression, anxiety, feelings of loss or grief, or even suicidal ideation. These feelings can range from mild to severe and have long-lasting consequences. Know that if you are experiencing mental health issues after abortion, you aren’t alone and deserve support.

How Can I Help Myself Heal?

Suppose you’ve had an abortion and want to achieve emotional healing. In that case, your best bet is to receive professional counseling with a trained counselor or therapist helping women who have experienced abortion. You’ll receive tools and strategies to help you process emotions and find peace. 

Post-abortion support groups are also a tremendous asset. You’ll interact with women who have had similar experiences. Together, you can find community and support. Your local pregnancy clinic may offer you post-abortion support groups or recovery programs at no cost. 

Finally, be sure to take time for yourself. Do the things you enjoy and partake in relaxing self-care activities that allow you to relieve stress. Consider speaking with a friend about your abortion experience if you are open to doing so. The more you talk about your abortion, the more you can sort out your feelings. 

Need Someone to Talk To?

You Medical has licensed medical staff ready to offer you post-abortive care in a compassionate and confidential setting. You are our priority; we can provide the emotional support and information you need to find resources. 

Contact us today to make an appointment. We’re here to support you.

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