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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are also called sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Both are generally acquired by vaginal, anal, and oral contact. STIs don’t always have immediate symptoms, so getting tested regularly is essential.

What Is An STD/STI?

The bacteria, viruses, or parasites that cause STDs/STIs may pass from person to person in blood, semen, or vaginal and other bodily fluids. Sometimes they can be passed nonsexually, such as when sharing needles or from a mother to her infant during pregnancy or childbirth.

The CDC estimates about 20% of the U.S. population has an STD. The most affected age group is young people aged 15 to 24, and women are much more vulnerable than men.

No-Cost to Low-Cost STD/STI Testing

Despite irregular reporting during COVID-19, there were 2.5 million reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in 2021. These STDs don’t usually have immediate symptoms, so it is critical you get tested regularly.

At You Medical, we offer limited STD/STI testing and treatment. Receive treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea and a nurse consultation and follow-up at no charge. We can also provide PAP testing, if needed.

How Can I Avoid Getting An STD?

The most efficient way to avoid an STD or STI is through abstinence, essentially not having sex until you are in a safe, monogamous relationship. Condoms are effective but do not guarantee complete protection.

We provide thorough sexual health education to assist you in understanding your risks and learning how to choose healthy relationships. Our medical professionals can discuss your situation and help you make an informed choice about your sexual health.

You Should Never Be Forced Into A Sexual Relationship

If you or someone you know is being forced to have sex for any reason, we have staff trained to assess and connect you to support and services. For immediate help, please call the National Human Trafficking Center at 1-888-373-7888.

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