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Are you struggling with an unexpected pregnancy and unsure of the best way to move forward? Maybe you’ve been thinking about abortion and wondering if that’s the right solution to your dilemma.

If this is you, understanding the side effects of an abortion may help you feel more confident in whatever you decide for your pregnancy. The physical effects of an abortion are commonly discussed, but did you know a small percentage of women will experience significant mental health effects as well?

What Is An Abortion?

An abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that terminates a pregnancy.

Medical abortions utilize the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol to end a pregnancy. Mifepristone stops the pregnancy from growing, while misoprostol causes strong uterine contractions to expel the pregnancy.

A surgical abortion is performed by gently opening the cervix and extracting the pregnancy via forceps or a vacuum device.

The type of abortion needed is determined by how far along the pregnancy is and certain health factors related to the mother.

The Mental Health Effects Following Abortion

A 2018 study conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed that abortion is consistently associated with elevated rates of mental illness for some women. Another study defined these problems to include depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors, and substance use disorders.

In both studies, the occurrence of mental health problems following an abortion was only seen in a small percentage of women studied.

A Deeper Dive

Research suggests that women who have a history of mental illness are at higher risk of developing issues after an abortion. If that’s you, talking to a healthcare professional about your health history before scheduling an abortion may help your recovery process.

Finding Support

You Medical offers women a safe place to talk about their unplanned pregnancy and sexual health concerns. Our center offers no-cost pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and treatment for a variety of sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

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