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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be taxing at times. Add in an unintended pregnancy, and you’ve got instant anxiety. 

However, with a little preparation and planning, you can confidently embrace this season of life while enjoying all the holidays have to offer. 

Make a Plan

Have you shared your pregnancy news with friends and family yet? Some women might find it helpful to share their news with one trusted friend who they can lean on for support and encouragement. 

Regardless if you have shared the news or not, making a plan ahead of time to address questions you may be asked can be helpful. A few to start thinking about are: Why aren’t you drinking? Are you going to keep the baby? Who is the father? 

Knowing your responses ahead of time can bring some peace of mind as you attend family gatherings. 

Set Boundaries

When preparing answers to your loved ones’ questions, remember that this is your pregnancy. Never feel pressured to share anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. ‘I don’t know yet’ is a perfectly respectable answer, and so is ‘no.’ 

During pregnancy, your body is constantly creating and working over time. Anticipate this holiday season to look a bit different than years past. You might not feel physically able to do all the things you love, so prioritizing what you love most is important. 

It’s okay to decline an invitation or leave a party early if you’re not feeling well. You don’t have to offer an explanation; those who love you will understand. 

Embrace The Beauty Of The Season 

The holidays might feel different this year, but don’t let change steal the joy of the season. Take a drive to see holiday lights, or invite a friend over to bake Christmas cookies. You don’t have to have every aspect of life figured out right now. Take a breath and allow yourself the gift of time. 

You Medical is here to support you during this season of uncertainty. We offer pregnancy and sexual health services at no cost to you in a peaceful environment. Whether you need to verify your pregnancy or get tested for STDs, we’re here for you. 

Reach out to our staff at 509-491-1101 to schedule your appointment today!

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