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Anticipating how to help a friend navigate an unexpected pregnancy can be difficult. Emotions are running high, and if you haven’t experienced pregnancy yourself, you might be confused about how to support your friend. 

If that’s you, here are a few helpful suggestions on how you can be there for your friend as she navigates this new path.

Be A Good Listener

Walking through an unexpected pregnancy is scary. Your friend probably has a thousand questions running through her head. Offer your friend a listening ear instead of adding to her confusion and fear. Sit and be with her emotions, and refrain from offering your advice. 

If and when your friend asks for your thoughts, kindly offer encouraging words. But being a good listener is a great way to support your friend. 

Offer To Spend Time With Her

Early pregnancy can come with unwelcome side effects like morning sickness, fatigue, and food aversions. If your friend feels left out of her regular social routine, offer to spend a little extra time with her. 

Binge-watch her favorite TV show together or offer to cook a meal at her place. Small but simple acts of kindness will go a long way in communicating your devotion and support.

Find Local Resources To Help Her

One of the best ways to support a friend during an unexpected pregnancy is to help connect her with local resources. You Medical provides no-cost and confidential services to women in need. We offer a safe space for women to ask questions without judgment and explore the options for their pregnancies. 

For women who have had a positive at-home pregnancy test, the correct next step is to verify the pregnancy through ultrasound. Encourage your friend to make an appointment at You Medical with one of our staff members; you can even join her. 

Good friendships are essential to our emotional and mental health. Being there for your friend as she walks through an unexpected pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts you could give.

Contact us today to find supportive resources and schedule an appointment.

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